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Do you need to license your software to users?

That is exactly what we do. The best part is – we do not require access to your source code. Our unique solution is a container that acts as a gateway to your software. To explain in the simplest form – your have your software give our container the keys to using your software ( as a user) and in turn that unlocks our container which has the licensing authentication your customers access.

During the exploratory period, a video meeting provides the best platform to ask questions and get a real-time idea about what creativity is possible to solve your business problem.

We can give you access to our demo solution that you can easily see the efficiency of the solution and how it would work for y our specific needs.

Since 2009 we have licensed windows applications for niche financial companies worldwide. Starting in 2021, we have launched our public offering to offer our once coveted solution to a larger group of companies.

There are 3 principles at EA License LLC that ensure our goals of providing a lightweight and scalable licensing solution to businesses who have great technology that their customers want to pay monthly fees to use.

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